Energy in your pocket

Demanding sports activities, intense work schedule, exams, completing deadlines…

There are moments in a person’s life in which physical effort, attention, concentration and productivity are particularly necessary.

Golders was created to satisfy a need which was missing from the market, to have energy in your pocket when you need it.

How Golders was created

Lluís Cónsul is the Golders founder and a great fan of sport, particularly running. Like many of his friends, a few minutes before starting his run he used to have an energy drink so that he would feel more energised.

Due to drinking liquids just before exercising, Lluís would feel too full to enjoy the sport. It was then that Cónsul thought that he had to find an alternative that was pleasant, economical and with a better taste than the energy drinks and other supplements based on drinking liquids.

Lluís began to think, look around and research, when he noticed that there were some energy sweets on the market, but these were not very effective when compared to the energy drinks, as you would need to consume many of these to equal the effect of the drinks.

Golders, energy in your pocket

A handbag, a purse, a briefcase, is something that always accompanies you, and each one of these contains a large number of personal memories and items.

A photograph, a lipstick, a piece of paper with important notes on it, some medication, and from now on, a Golders energy sweet for those days when your body requires an extra dose of energy.

Golders Energía en tu bolsillo
One Golders one energy drink
1 Golders = 1 Energy Drink

Why consume liquid when you can savour a pleasantly-flavoured sweet which also fits into a small corner of your pocket, purse, bag, car…

A Golders is equivalent to consuming a standard 200ml energy drink.

The energy sweet lollipop designed to keep you physically and mentally active.

Golders is a flavourful sweet  that provides you with the extra energy you need in moments of leisure, work or just for those days when your body demands a dose of stimulation.

Press appearence
  • Before going out to play I have some extra energy

    Jorge Gómez
    Jorge Gómez Jugador de hockey profesional
  • Dancing is a passion for which you need energy

    Gina Levin
    Gina Levin Dancer
  • Meetings with Golders are shorter

    Joana Canadell
    Joana Canadell Marketing Director

Lluís Cónsul was a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to increase competitiveness among small and medium sized businesses, and thanks to which he has put an Internationalisation Plan into action with the objective of improving his competitive position abroad during 2018. For this purpose, he has relied on Barcelona Chamber of Commerce’s XPANDE Programme.

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